Jasmina Kulaglich, pianist
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Beethoven : Concerto n°5 «Emperor »

New Trio Bohème

Jasmina Kulaglich (Serbia), piano
Lev Maslovsky (Russia), violon
Igor Kiritchenko (Ukraine), cello

Website : www.trioboheme.com

Trio Bohème inaugurates the 10th Saint Tropez Festival

Trio Bohème : Piazzolla, Winter

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2013, October

« Trio Bohemia » : serbian, american and russian musicians playing together - Jasmina Kulaglich, piano, Michael Appleman, violon, Igor Kiritchenko, violoncelle.
In Paris on October 12th in the program « Romantic Bohemia »

Jasmina Kulaglich is "Favorite artist 2012" on "Appoggiature.net"

" Do not rely on her disarming smile: Jasmina Kulaglich, young pianist of Serbian origin, is not a fan of the cheesy keyboard. With many great prizes won in her hometown, Belgrade, she has perfected her art in France with mentors such as Gyorgy Sebok and France Clidat. If the "Liszt 2011” year allowed her to assert her vigorous playing – very "slavic" one - at the Salle Gaveau in Paris, other prodigal recitals in Salle Chopin-Cortot offered demanding themes, such as “Orient-Occident”, or, on last October 17thj (with Scriabin and Janáček), extracts from this "Byzantine Mosaic" written in 2001 by her compatriot Svetislav Božic. Her first Naxos CD, supplemented by "Memory of the Ancestors" of the same, had aroused our pleasure: the concert, in the presence of the composer, was on the same level ! Sort of bridge between Debussy and Reich, suffused with the Chopin nostalgia, this cycle of pieces named as Serbian monasteries was served by virtuosity, mastery and tenderness. Waiting eagerly for the next recording by our second "favorite pianist".

Recital in Paris-Salle Cortot for the occasion of the release of the CD NAXOS "Byzantine Mosaic"

New CD Naxos, World Premiere : "Byzantine Mosaic" by Svetislav Bozic

Recorded in La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland), composed in 2001, “Byzantine Mosaic ” connects the past with the present.

Freely inspired by the Byzantine, Oriental and traditional music of Serbia, couched in post-impressionist language, it combines the music of the orient and the occident.

Nine monasteries, located in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, some of them UNESCO World Heritage sites, furnish the titles of the pieces. The fresco “White Angel” (serbian monastery Mileseva) prominent the cover as the messenger of peace.

To order the CD follow the links : amazon.fr, abeillemusique.com, fnac.com

Download on 50 digital service providers worldwide (Naxos, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Sony, Qobuz, Spotify, Rhapsody...)

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"CD of the month" on "Pianobleu" with interview
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"Appoggiature.com": "Spiritual and exhilarating ascent, a musical pilgrimage to rare fullness."
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"Amazon.fr" : "Masterstroke by the pianist, a compatriot of the composer."
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Video of the recording of the CD in Switzerland
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Recital at the Salle Cortot

Paris, July 8th, 2011. For the benefit of "Medical Assistance - Toit du Monde"
"Liszt - voyager and mystic", Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Tajcevic

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"Gala Liszt " in Salle Gaveau

Paris, March 15th, 2011, with European Romantic Orchestra Liszt : Concerto for piano n°1, Hungarian Fantasy for piano and orchestra

Recital "Orient-Occident : Voyages"

Paris, Salle Cortot, October 5th 2010 -

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Watch an extract of the recital "Orient-Occident" on Youtube

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